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hey dads, let the kids be!

Am deeply stuffed by how rigid parents and guardians can be especially when it comes to their children, they want to restrict and be in control of every bit of their little life from birth till late.

parents have much influence to most of our beliefs, cares and fears. our mothers speak the first words of courage and bravery equally into our void mindsets, they make us realise fire is deadly and sometimes forget to tell us its use.
when it comes to formal education , they are quick to tell us their struggle and how they paced kampala streets barefooted or wherever they had their education and narrate their struggle until that time they won a scholarship overseas or that prestigious doctorate from makerere, the only university in uganda during their time.

surprisingly some want to force it as a choice to their kids, they soil all their failed ambitions and dreams and tell only one part of the story, they look back in retrospect at their youthful deeds and errands and meditate upon them i…

hate is a waste of guts!

Am amazed at how people love and quickly hate . Sometimes things are not what they seem, skimmed milk masquerades as cream.

why cant  people ever master the art of showing their true colors ? why should you waste your entire life in pretense and falsehood?

if you hate* me, be still and tell it  to me straight in my face. it saves you much calories tending to your individual inner needs than just spending hours lamenting over sheer hatred  .

    once you hate or love something, be quick to take your side. there's no accounting for taste!

building discipline

and for now i realise i have failed at discipline for quite a long time . i can hardly meet a deadline or break a habit entirely. what i decide today, i nullify it the following day not because it was entirely wrong but because i realized i cant truly fulfill what it takes to achieve such highly placed goals.

  A few years back, i came across Benjamin Franklin's biography and how he developed and maintained good virtues in his life opposed to the bad ones. he created a daily routine of self examination and registered progress in a single virtue at a time. part of the vices he wanted to break included lack of self discipline, procrastination, laziness, talkativeness, shifting blames, selfishness, mention it. so he listed virtues that could help him reach such heights; temperament, frugality, humility, industry, silence, tolerance, and a few more to make the ideal 13 virtues he lived by and changed round his entire life                                                  …

toil its the essense of life

Sometimes you just have to be brave & do it! success tastes sweeter than honey. pain engulfs sweetness, the outer sheath is bitter but the inner layer will get you licking your fingers endlessly. there are many instances in life where success can be tasted .

    after a full struggle for a job . searching & improving your skills daily can be disheartening especially if you keep experiencing rejections all the time from company executives and business managers . but the day you land your first job can be breath taking.

    what about several years of searching for a loved one ? true love, somebody with the characters you desire or even say adjustable to fit your needs of a good companion ? those are moments of joy.
an acolade after winning a marathon ?

 there is power in the people. use them to get where you want. know your instincts and trust in them. never betray yourself, never contradict yourself . always look for the best out each situation. tr…

blind optimism

"Blind optimism is like house arrest , it keeps you restrained from accessing the truth."
 when everyone keeps assuring you , things are going to work out, everyone is on your side, better times ahead, the future will be good, how sure are they ? how am i supposed to trust them ?

These guys are not even astrologists  that they have studied stars and have an enlightenment into my life according to the time i was born , a view that i don't believe personally is true. don't get offended if you are addicted to horoscopes ,
 these guys are not even prophets so they can play around with revelations and speaking in tongues.
so Ive made it a point to ignore all this imagined positive predictions and embark on a true search for actual inspiration that is tempered by one's true ambitions and the product of your daily toil.

don't imagine to wake up in Brussels when you spent a night in kamwokya with no flight
arrangements and formal business ties there.
lets forget the …

what's your definition of a good job?