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The cars that sip more liquor than you do

Biofuels have been around as long as cars have. At the start of the 20th century, Henry Ford planned to fuel his Model Ts with ethanol, and early diesel engines were shown to run on peanut oil.
But discoveries of huge petroleum deposits kept gasoline and diesel cheap for decades, and biofuels were largely forgotten. However, with the recent rise in oil prices, along with growing concern about global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions, biofuels have been regaining popularity but not so much in Uganda.

A case study in Brazil which has the world's largest fleet of flex fuel cars where close to 80% of the vehicles there run mostly on flex fuels.
 Kakira Sugar is preparing to commission its $37 million ethanol facility in July that will produce 20 million liters annually from molasses. With the country’s E20 policy pending implementation, the company expects to see a rise in the local fuel market or potential into the chemical market for products such as hand sanitizers.…

Are you living ?

Yes , you got the question right , am i living, are you living ? we can each take turns answering this, many of us are afraid of reality , is that why we don't take that risk ? is that why we cling to that stressful, enslaving job?

if there exists something like reality check, then we need need to really undergo a reality check, take an audit into our lives and gauge where we stand.
so there's this friend of mine, and being a modern era full of social networking platforms, i send her an inspirational link to some article that was in fact relevant to her field of study, she brashes it off as trash, i didn't want to believe he was trying to let loose her outgrown arrogance towards me, i quickly diverted my attention to other things so i could avoid any more disgusting and reckless comments from her.

Yuh, often you ignore a wake up call intended to inspire you and later give you the extra guts that you need when the day goes awry, i mean when the schedules, deadlines, and res…