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when I couldn't be the man he wanted me to be.

Staying home was always a bitter experience. In my dad's presence, it was a time to look both sides, stay focused and alert because any loosening and relaxation would always win me a slap and bitter scorching. And in my mum's presence it was a time to relax and feel free from anything and everything in life..mum never held me accountable for anything.
I feel faulted every single minute of my life and I always want to be free but it never seems to happen. Dad always wanted me to be a better simply or rather furiously imitate the dress code of those other guys he saw across the streets, guys who wore blazers and neatly ironed shirts and on the contrary, I was ever clad in T-shirts and wash and wear garments.
The boys across the streets seemed well groomed and ready for life in his perception and I seemed un bothered and not caring about tomorrow.
I think his positive values about me were hanging on lightly, he seemed to have some un withering belief that I would someho…