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A million dollars

what is truth?
does anyone there know what truth really means ?
not just in their perspective?
when you look closely at the scene of order and chaos, do you see what i see?
may be the truth doesn't even exist, may be what we think is all we got, whoa, that would be a terrible loss for negative thinkers, what if there's a universal acknowledged truth about certain things, religion, business, success, life, love, hate, luck...??????/
am growing accustomed to the notion that your environment greatly shapes your personality, "you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with." some inspirational speaker said that.
now i pause to you this riddle again. from a movie definitely, it used be thought of as truth that all movies make us lazy, retarded and idle, i have got the utmost of my encouragement from movies, especially the tech movies because am a tech guy,  and possibly you can find solace, inspiration and drift your mindset by watching and careful…