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i cant catch up with UG.

Its been long and apparently nothing has been going on so i had to keep my mouth shut incase i came up with a disgusting topic.
being ugandan , someone would quickly attack me. lets call the attacker mathew.
this is not some kiddish dialogue. u need the remote on for PG.

Mathew: dude, how do u dare say there's nara going on in Uganda?

Me: wo wo , hold up , really is there anything boiling ?

Mathew: A lot, idiot, From the election petition by Amama Mbabazi to kasese shootings to 'Bad Black' being released and quickly changing her alias to 'Bad Brown' after a nasty skin breach in prison.......list goes on.

Mathew: Do u even own a radio, nerd?

Me: Nah, radio? what crap is that? i got data(MBs), bitch!

Mathew: heehehe, you never share any constructive news on those tabloids, all yo folks do is feed you on a bunch of crappy videos . or wait, are u a group admin?

Me: Nah , so tell me why the hell should i have to bother myself with your endless gossip and your political foul-p…