Are you living ?

Yes , you got the question right , am i living, are you living ? we can each take turns answering this, many of us are afraid of reality , is that why we don't take that risk ? is that why we cling to that stressful, enslaving job?

if there exists something like reality check, then we need need to really undergo a reality check, take an audit into our lives and gauge where we stand.
so there's this friend of mine, and being a modern era full of social networking platforms, i send her an inspirational link to some article that was in fact relevant to her field of study, she brashes it off as trash, i didn't want to believe he was trying to let loose her outgrown arrogance towards me, i quickly diverted my attention to other things so i could avoid any more disgusting and reckless comments from her.

Yuh, often you ignore a wake up call intended to inspire you and later give you the extra guts that you need when the day goes awry, i mean when the schedules, deadlines, and responsibilities get interwoven and the messy mixture is resonating in your brain. when you are chocking on the backlog and no one else seems to notice.

well, here is the thing, think again, why are you struggling this much? is your pay worse the earnest efforts? is this the job you love?
what are you destined for? are you chasing after a misguided passion?

yes misguided passions exist, thats when you pursue a career that is nowhere close what you like, but some forces are driving you towards a direction and you have no option but to tighten the seatbelt.

why are you scared to quit? because you think you gonna be hungry the next day, fail to pay mortgage, and other bills in addition to missing that cup of hot cappuccino that has become your recent addiction?

well discomfort in what you do daily is more of a distress than a few days of restrain, don't call it suffering for Christ's sake, while you look for, or start up the work you love and enjoy to do.

no able functional adult  dies of hunger, except the kids facing midlife crisis scenarios like war, orphanage, homelessness and disease. but you quitting that enslaving job wont make you starve to death. its only hallucinations in your mind, its only a bit of exerggeration that is keeping you from the reality.

do you have the knowledge it takes to sustain yourself, have you saved some bucks to fall back on during the transition period, have you gained the required expertise to skyrocket your disruptive startup?, have you consulted with your peers who quit and now are running fully fledged companies, have put down your ideas and tried your luck at venture capital funding after envisioning your idea and fostering it into a functional prototype?
 once you ensure that these are  set, you can take off, good luck !


  1. good piece,though i believe more often than not the forces driving our lives are beyond our control,,nature-nurture,fuck hoelessness.#backToThinkingMode

  2. very true bro, every thin' lies in our control

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I like every article you post on your blog,so positive and encouraging.I highlighted this"have you saved some bucks to fall back on during the transition period" Its so crucial in life.May God bless every works of your hands.


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