hey dads, let the kids be!

Am deeply stuffed by how rigid parents and guardians can be especially when it comes to their children, they want to restrict and be in control of every bit of their little life from birth till late.

parents have much influence to most of our beliefs, cares and fears. our mothers speak the first words of courage and bravery equally into our void mindsets, they make us realise fire is deadly and sometimes forget to tell us its use.
when it comes to formal education , they are quick to tell us their struggle and how they paced kampala streets barefooted or wherever they had their education and narrate their struggle until that time they won a scholarship overseas or that prestigious doctorate from makerere, the only university in uganda during their time.

surprisingly some want to force it as a choice to their kids, they soil all their failed ambitions and dreams and tell only one part of the story, they look back in retrospect at their youthful deeds and errands and meditate upon them in shame and silence forgetting that we, their children go through nearly the same errands , liquor & night clubs, sour relationships, financial constraints, wild ambitions, reliogious devotions and self search.

kids equally deserve to hear both sides of the story because it makes them feel their caretakers were also human and liable to err during their childhood & teenage days, so that when they get that infamous suspension or expulsion from a high ranking school, they realise its not the end. cases of suicide and abandoning homes are common as the kid cant picture what actions his un erring, perfection-seeking  father is likely to undertake , so some quickly take the verdict for their deeds and the result is bewildering.

kids got to be told that failure is human and its not a means to an end but part of the true journey of success .their views need to be accepted however wild and seemingly unachievable they may seem to be, they should not be condemned to family careers and should be given the moral, financial support mandate to follow their passions and ambitions.
doing that will give birth to a liberal generation, and free will citizens who are not afraid to follow their hearts and calling.


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