toil its the essense of life

               Sometimes you just have to be brave & do it! success tastes sweeter than honey. pain engulfs sweetness, the outer sheath is bitter but the inner layer will get you licking your fingers endlessly. there are many instances in life where success can be tasted .

    after a full struggle for a job . searching & improving your skills daily can be disheartening especially if you keep experiencing rejections all the time from company executives and business managers . but the day you land your first job can be breath taking.

    what about several years of searching for a loved one ? true love, somebody with the characters you desire or even say adjustable to fit your needs of a good companion ? those are moments of joy.
an acolade after winning a marathon ?

 there is power in the people. use them to get where you want. know your instincts and trust in them. never betray yourself, never contradict yourself . always look for the best out each situation. true happiness lies in true success . the kind that comes after a bitter toil. bread hard earned is sweetest compared to that snatched from a bakery shop.  out of conscious struggle one can always hope for a reward


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