building discipline

and for now i realise i have failed at discipline for quite a long time . i can hardly meet a deadline or break a habit entirely. what i decide today, i nullify it the following day not because it was entirely wrong but because i realized i cant truly fulfill what it takes to achieve such highly placed goals.

  A few years back, i came across Benjamin Franklin's biography and how he developed and maintained good virtues in his life opposed to the bad ones. he created a daily routine of self examination and registered progress in a single virtue at a time. part of the vices he wanted to break included lack of self discipline, procrastination, laziness, talkativeness, shifting blames, selfishness, mention it. so he listed virtues that could help him reach such heights; temperament, frugality, humility, industry, silence, tolerance, and a few more to make the ideal 13 virtues he lived by and changed round his entire life                                                                                            .

 He created a night routine before bedtime  of putting a black dot on a paper to each of the virtues he had terribly failed at and virtues that remained spotless showed progress and masterly thereof. he would then punish himself psychologically  for areas he registered terrible failure  until progress was visible.

if we cant really adopt putting into writing our goals, visions and ambitions or what we want to change in us and how we want to change it. then the entire concept remains ideal, unattainable & distant. the secret in writing is that it makes your thoughts and plans tangible. it embodies in them an appearance of physical reality. like one writer, Epictetus said, "if you want to be a writer, write."
begin now . you will change lots of stuff in your little world.


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