what's your definition of a good job?

What’s your view of a good job?
Over centuries many a people have believed a good job is the kind with less work load, high pay check, encompassed with juicy allowances that cover health bills, education, phone and housing bills. But hell no! That’s not what a good job should be.

Mike Rowe in his article http://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/columnists/ingrid-jacques/2015/05/29/jacques-discount-dirty-jobs/28083811/quotes that 93000 jobs fall vacant in Michigan and almost every country because simply no one has the required skills and technical expertise. this happens in Uganda where a highly qualified surgeon will earn 1.7 per month while a downtown businessman involved a business where his team that unblocks drainage systems, fixes  nasty Kampala manholes and shovels shit for a living around several cooperate workplaces and public toilets will pocket over 16m a month worth of net pay.

This income inequality drives these public servants into corruption and other evil ways to land enough dimes to match and sustain their lavish spending & lifestyle, and since they are paid peanuts embezzlement is the only way out.

The education sector should spearhead the revolution by changing its focus. Students are still enslaved in old systems that train for no specific sector in the economy. A  PhD holder with no single year of experience in the field expects to head a construction or manufacturing industry simply because he or she has been appointed by authority. Where does he lead the company?

Government ministries get the whole point wrong. Education ministries headed by military veterans and agricultural sector in the hands of social science graduates! What the heck?
Employment should be based on knowledge and expertise relevant to the field not from individual instincts and relational ties. Let government projects and programs land in the right hands and minds. The only way we can realise a change in the economy.

High school kids should be lured to more industrial oriented courses and this will reduce on the sheer damages that crammed formal education has engulfed us in.

Swallow your pride, roll-up the sleeves and get down to what you consider to be dirty jobs . there’s a secret in the toil and at the back of your mind remember that fortune and knowledge are not only inside college buildings and in lectures nuts but spread across the street. If only you care to notice.


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