blind optimism

"Blind optimism is like house arrest , it keeps you restrained from accessing the truth."
 when everyone keeps assuring you , things are going to work out, everyone is on your side, better times ahead, the future will be good, how sure are they ? how am i supposed to trust them ?

These guys are not even astrologists  that they have studied stars and have an enlightenment into my life according to the time i was born , a view that i don't believe personally is true. don't get offended if you are addicted to horoscopes ,
 these guys are not even prophets so they can play around with revelations and speaking in tongues.
so Ive made it a point to ignore all this imagined positive predictions and embark on a true search for actual inspiration that is tempered by one's true ambitions and the product of your daily toil.

don't imagine to wake up in Brussels when you spent a night in kamwokya with no flight
arrangements and formal business ties there.
lets forget the movies , the teleporting and stuff and be real for now. plan and find strategy for the next 24 hours , atleast am assured they will come . what to use them for remains entirely your business.
its not bad to be optimistic but have optimism , the kind that is guided by ambition and clarity of purpose.


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