the temporary fix trap

often in life, we live by the famous Pepsi slogan "live for now", well we often think of the future but do nothing about it. when you think of planning far ahead, an evil ideal makes you feel like that is far fetched and may never manifest in your life.

quick decisions and fixes to mega problems only relieve us of the tension at the moment. but make us incur double costs in the long run . implementing a sketchy plan with in thirty minutes may save you time instantly but don't forget you will be back to the drawing table for a longer session ahead because the quick fix didn't stand the test of time.

we see this often when we go shopping, a few people have a knack for original and durable products . often the price tag seems outrageous but its always worth the embedded quality and build of the product. most times people opt  for the items that seem cheaper . this often leads to purchasing the similar item over again because the latter never lasts at all.

that company offering to construct a road at half the price of the rest of the bidders, that salesman offering an iphone6s at USD40, the cheap carpenter in the neighborhood who fixes door bolts and they are dysfunctional before he reaches his workshop again, you want to take your child to that public school where everything is free, think again.

quick fixes are nothing but suicidal , they manifest as timely solutions but have a lifetime impact on you as an individual, family, institution and state.
 the reverse is strategic planning, delayed gratification,  quality assurance.

markets in growing countries have been flooded with all sorts of products irrespective of the quality, health or environment impact, functionality and lifespan all at the expense of idiotic grants and handouts which desperate undeveloped countries  are often willing to receive . they sign memorandum of agreements that allow other economies to flood their markets with just about any product.
this has resulted to a dismantled local market, fluctuating prices and abstract poverty
 this article suppliments this topic


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